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  • 08 Oct

    Visual Trending

    (Posted 2014) OpWorks allows users to plot a small to large amounts of data using this function.  Users can zoom in and out of the trending data simply or...

  • 12 Jun

    New Features (2014)

    (Posted 2014) When our clients talk, we listen! One of our most requested add on is Preventative Maintenance (PM) and Work Orders (WO) so we decide to add these...

  • 29 May

    OpWorks Presentation and Demo

    (Posted 2014) OpWorks developer Brian Barclay presents at the 2014 MN Rural Water Association Conference. In this video, he describes what OpWorks is, what it does, and how it...

  • 07 Apr

    Sure – OpWorks Can Do That!

    (Posted 2014) One of the first questions we get from potential users is can OpWorks can integrate SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – whew, that is a mouthful!)....

  • 03 Jan

    OpWorks developed in the real world of operations

    (Posted 2014) It is one thing to have an idea or concept, but quite another to make it truly applicable in the real world. Ideas developed from a frustration...