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  • 23 Jun

    Is Your Head In The Clouds?

    Every day you hear things like “push your data into the cloud” or the newest functions of “cloud computing”.  But what does this all mean? And what does it...

  • 01 May

    Managing Operator Turnover

    Operators are an instrumental facet of how water and wastewater utilities function. An operator’s duties may involve everything from maintaining process and other equipment, to sampling and testing, to...

  • 24 Feb

    OpWorks guided tour webinar (VIDEO)

    Let us take you on a guided tour through the many features of OpWorks. Follow along step-by-step as our own Daron Selvig and Jason Sanden show you how OpWorks can streamline your facility...

  • 08 Feb

    Join us for our upcoming webinar February 22!

    Join us as we take you on a trip through OpWorks in real time to show you how you would use this tool as a facility operator, superintendent, or...

  • 26 Jul

    We love to be loved!

    Or at least like to be liked.  Whatever the degree of love or like, we value hearing what our users have to say about OpWorks and how it works...

  • 13 Jan

    Come have a seat!

    We have a seat waiting for you here at the South Dakota Rural Water Technical Conference in Pierre.  We are providing an opportunity to have a hands-on user experience...

  • 07 Dec

    OpWorks is gearing up to release the newest version this week!

    We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves…so we won’t. We are talking about the new features to anyone who will listen to us. We are hosting a...

  • 30 Sep

    Winding Down and Gearing Up

    We’re near the end of our time here at Weftec 2015.  It has been a great place to connect with people all over the US – and the world...

  • 27 Sep

    Hello WEFTEC!

    OpWorks is very excited to be exhibiting at Weftec 2015! For three days, 22,000 people will walk the aisles experiencing the wonders of the wastewater and water resources industries....

  • 17 Oct

    OpWorks Used for Water Infrastructure in O&C Industry

    (Posted 2014) OpWorks was originally developed for water and wastewater infrastructure operations in the public sector. But since OpWorks was developed here in North Dakota, home of the Bakken...