• 03 Jan

    OpWorks developed in the real world of operations

    (Posted 2014) It is one thing to have an idea or concept, but quite another to make it truly applicable in the real world. Ideas developed from a frustration or need while you perform your daily work, however, tend to be the most valuable. That is precisely how OpWorks was born.

    Water Treatment Facility Superintendent Hazel Sletten was getting tired of mining data and creating reports from handwritten log books and file folders filled with data. In addition, Hazel has her eye on retiring in the not so distant future, and wanted to make sure that good systems were in place for her successors. Enter in programmer Brian Barclay. Hazel and Brian, together with lead operator Fred Goetz, got to work on an application that would eventually turn into what is now OpWorks.

    After two years of development, testing, adding, editing, more testing, and a few swear words, OpWorks is now available to others to help streamline their operations logging, reporting, and staff management.

    If you would like to know the gritty details of how it was developed, check out the January issues of AWWA OpFlow magazine.