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  • 26 Jul

    We love to be loved!

    Or at least like to be liked.  Whatever the degree of love or like, we value hearing what our users have to say about OpWorks and how it works in their facility.  We asked Steve Gilberg from the City of Eagan, MN what he thought of us and he had great things to say.  So we asked Steve if we could share them.  Luckily for us, he said sure!

    It means so much when actual users can vouch for our software and the benefits it affords their operations.  Among the comments we received are things like “it takes four minutes instead four hours to complete a report” and “it is surprisingly easy to use”.  We encourage other users to tell us what they think – good or bad.  Preferably it will be good!

    If you aren’t yet a user, we invite you to demo of OpWorks for 30-days.  Contact Jason Sanden at